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De Smelen 12, Valkenswaard, The Netherlands 38.65 km

YogaStar is a small yogastudio where personal attention is of the utmost importance. I believe that everyone can reap the benefits of yoga if you adjust your practice to your level, needs and physical limitations. I see it as my duty to help my students with that.

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Geldrop, Netherlands 39.08 km
Uden, Nordbrabant, Netherlands 40.12 km
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Uden, Netherlands 40.12 km

Hatha yoga and personal development.

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Raamhof 12, Uden, Netherlands 41.16 km

At Yoga Sanchara there is an intimate atmosphere where you can escape from the daily hustle. Hatha Yoga and Hatha Flow Yoga classes are offered, in conclusion with a cup of herbal tea on the yoga mat. Practicing Hatha Yoga postures (asanas) helps you better relax both body and mind. It gives you more energy and reduces physical symptoms such as head, neck or back pain. In addition, it contributes to flexibility, muscular strength and endurance.

Yoga Sanchara attaches great importance to personal attention. When postures are not done properly you’re missing the essence of the postures or you can become prone for injuries. Therefore, she prefers small groups with up to 6 participants. This allows the teacher to give personal attention to each participant and apply “hands-on adjustments” (corrections).

Participants are allowed to train on their own level so you can always enter, regardless of your experience level. There is also opportunity for modifications making it possible to even take part with peculiarities, such as physical symptoms. Yoga Sanchara works with an online booking system and uses a flexible class schedule: at foreclosure classes can be taken at any other convenient time, for both instructor and the participant.

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Kerk-Avezaath, Netherlands 41.28 km
Hoge Randweg 24, Volkel, The Netherlands 41.32 km

* Hatha Yoga voor volwassenen op maandag- en woensdag avond van 20.00 tot 21.30 uur
* Zwangerschapsyoga op maandag- en woensdagavond van 18.30 tot 20.00
* Zwangerschapsyoga op dinsdagavond van 19.00 tot 20.30 uur locatie Kindercentrum het Groene Huis in Uden
* Yoga/Bewegen na de Bevalling van 20.30 tot 21.30 uur locatie Kindercentrum het Groene Huis Uden
* Kidsyoga op dinsdagmiddag van 15.45 tot 16.45 uur
* Tieneryoga op dinsdagmiddag van 16.45 tot 17.45 uur

Tiel, Netherlands 42.25 km
Helmond, The Netherlands 42.93 km
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Stolwijk, Netherlands 47.41 km
De Gauw 76, Sint Job in ’t Goor, Belgium 48.19 km

Voor volwassenen is er de klassieke hatha yoga, startend met ademhalingsoefeningen en daarna opwarming. De daaropvolgende houdingen worden afgesloten met een gezongen relaxatie. Tijdens de lessen worden diverse thema’s behandeld.

Voor de kinderen is er elke week een ander thema, waaraan verhaal en oefeningen en relaxatie gekoppeld zijn, alles in hetzelfde thema. Zo wordt spelenderwijs yoga geleerd, op alles vlakken.

Steigerdijk 11-13, Ooltgensplaat, Netherlands 49.41 km

……through deep sounds…..the asanas will flow….to a compleet whole…..experience yourself…… Shanti

Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands 50.56 km
Gouda, Netherlands 53.03 km

Hatha Yoga Teacher, Hatha Flow Yoga Teacher and Aerial Yoga Teacher for adults and kids

Gouda, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands 53.03 km
Gouda, Netherlands 53.03 km

Accessible, passionate and playful yoga classes.

Gouda, Netherlands 53.03 km
Odijk, Utrecht, Netherlands 53.36 km
Goudkruid 9, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 54.05 km

Pureyoga shares experiences on the path of yoga with beginners on the path of yoga and more advanced practicioners. Main inspiration of Pureyoga is the philosophy of hatha yoga and the eight limbs of yoga by Patañjali. According to Patañjali is yoga the practise of controlling and stopping the movement of the mind and thoughts. That is what we focus on in our yogapractise. And view the development in yoga as a development of your self. So every class and every practise is a fresh start, a new beginning.

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands 54.85 km
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