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Nijmegen, Netherlands 43.63 km
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H.J.P. Fesevurstraat 7a, 7415CM Deventer, Netherlands 44.08 km
Hengelo, Netherlands 44.16 km
Enschede, Netherlands 44.52 km

I teach Hatha yoga, Yin yoga and Chair yoga

Enschede, Netherlands 44.52 km
Nijmegen, The Netherlands 44.83 km
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Nijmegen, Netherlands 44.83 km
Nijmegen, Netherlands 44.83 km

Beginning 2011 I had my first Yoga class. Although it was very challenging, it also provided me with a deep relaxation, and I really enjoyed this combination. Since then, Yoga has been a playful practice to better understand my self and to gain more control over my body and mind. In 2013, I combined Yoga practice with a Zen meditation training for two years and in February 2016, I followed the Arhanta 200RYT in India. I find it very gratifying and fun to share my Yoga experience with others. During Lih Lah Yoga classes, the focus is on practicing breathing (pranayama), Yoga postures (asanas) and relaxation. I teach mainly in English, and sometimes in Dutch. You can also contact me if you need a replacement in the area of Nijmegen or Maastricht.

Nijmegen, Netherlands 44.83 km
Mheenpark, Mheenlaan, Apeldoorn Noordoost, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands 46.96 km
Apeldoorn, Netherlands 47.01 km
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Apeldoorn, Netherlands 47.01 km
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Haps, Netherlands 48.76 km
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Wenum Wiesel 50.73 km
Weversteeg 12, Otterlo, The Netherlands 51.06 km

With Je Eigen Natuur (Your Own Nature in Dutch) I organize weekends for any individual that likes to go away, relax, get inspired and enjoy in the middle of Dutch nature. Combining introspective and expressive disciplines, you have the chance to explore parts of yourself and experience something new.
I work together with professionals that each bring their own expertise and passion, to ensure a diverse and interesting program. More information can be found on (only in Dutch)

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Deventerstraat 16a, Raalte, The Netherlands 51.46 km
Van Den Broekeweg 1, Almelo, Netherlands 51.91 km
Oldenzaal, Overijssel, Netherlands 53.78 km
Oldenzaal, Netherlands 53.78 km
Heiderse Duinen 41, Overloon, The Netherlands 54 km
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